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about rachael

Rachael Kane started writing songs in her early 20’s and signed a record deal with Roadshow/Sony Music and a Publishing deal with Universal Music in 2003, releasing a string of singles and an album. 

After investing many years into ‘making it ‘ as an artist she took an extended break from music to reconsider her purpose with music and how she felt to go forward. As a child, her expression through music had always felt so wondrous, freeing and expansive, a connection with the stars and universe that seemed endless. However her experience of working as an artist in the music industry felt quite the opposite - there was a boxing and a reducing of who she was, in order to fit in.

During her time away from the pressures of the music industry she began to deeply consider what was really happening and why she had felt like she had to reduce and change herself to fit a precast mold.

At this time she also began to consider music as a vibration and the affect it has on people and her work today is inspired by the work of many artists who are producing music that considers the deeper energetic aspects and impacts of music on health and well-being.

As well as writing and composing music Rachael Kane also works as a singing and expression teacher in Melbourne where she has a business called Connected Voice. Here she supports people to re-connect to their natural voice and express themselves freely in singing and in everyday life.

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about benjamin

As a teenager in England in the 80’s, Ben became fascinated with the art and practice of recorded sound, and it’s reproduction. Listening closely and intently to music and it’s many styles of expression became a regular activity, culminating in the combined study of Music and Physics at University, followed by a Masters in Electro-Acoustic Music Composition.

After moving to Australia in 1995 a 15 year career began, working as a recording engineer and producer in the music industry. By 2010 Ben had become disillusioned with a work and lifestyle path that had become very draining and detrimental for his health.

His initial love, joy and appreciation of the science and expression of music and sound had not been reflected in his professional experience. The long and reclusive hours in the studio had left him feeling there was something seriously lacking, and he felt the pull to connect more with society and people.

Around this time he met Rachael and began to make changes to his path in life. A career change took place, and so also began an adjustment towards music in general.

After a hiatus of a couple of years leaving the old pattern of music behind, Ben came back to the mixing desk, to work on a string of releases in a new way. This provided the opportunity to set up a studio at home, and for Ben and Rachael to further nurture their own connection and love of music writing and production. This constellation has since produced the albums 'In Full Bloom' and 'Alchemy', with many more on the horizon.

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