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the latest album by Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt

2021 05 24 SPACE-FRONT COVER_2.jpg

Opening to the depths of the universe brings the expansion that is Space – the new album from Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt. An offering of universal proportions that brings the magnificence of the stars down to earth in the form of songs that ignite and burn to the tune of true fire and the oneness that we are all a part of. A rich album of dance floor worthy beats and epic ballads that are set to open up the listener and confirm the grandness of the heavens within. How can music be so heavenly and earthly all at the same time?

Rachael and Ben again bring their collaborative power to this exquisite album. Ethereal melodies paired with the deep resonance of Rachael's vocal tone are complimented with the exacting precision of Benjamin's beats and bass. The addition of horns and synths brings an epic quality and a hugeness to the sound, befitting of the Universal themes the album encapsulates.
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1. space

2. deeper into the universe

3. only one song to sing

4. life is about love

5. true fire

6. body

7. more than human

8. at one with your vibration

9. you've got my back

10. where we're from

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