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by Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt

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Rachael Kane and Benjamin Hurt are a musical constellation made in heaven. The couple come together for the first time as a band to deliver an album that is magnificently expansive and reflects the power of space and alchemy in sound. From minimalist and ambient to fast and funky, Alchemy is the perfect balance of deeply beautiful, epic anthems and luscious dance-floor-worthy grooves.

The title track Alchemy brings awareness to the big picture of energetic responsibility in our world and how we affect each other and our environment by how live, "Do you ever contemplate that every thought and every move that we make, could collectively contribute to an earthquake?"

Funky Fabulous is a piece of dance floor heaven, with a deliciously inspiring groove and lyrics that will bring out the inner funky in every one.

In The Woman Is of the Universe we get to feel the inner wisdom, grace and sacredness that is innate to all women.

Each track is a complete and expansive package that will have you playing more than one on repeat for the years to come.

Alchemy Listen Now

1. alchemy

2. the woman is of the universe

3. beyond words

4. funky fabulous

5. the love that we are

6. the light of your soul

7. it's written in your eyes

8. what's in the music

9. align

10. our love is for all

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