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In Full Bloom is the first full length album by Rachael Kane since she began recording with her producer husband Benjamin Hurt of True Music Studios. It marks an evolutionary shift in her approach to making music as inspired by the work of philosopher and author Serge Benhayon and Glorious Music producer and artist Michael Benhayon.


A layered and multi-dimensional offering Rachael Kane's album is imbued not only with the amazing depth and maturity of her sound but is equally considered in it's energetic quality and the effect this has on the listener. A rich and varied rock/pop album Rachael's voice is divine in it's sweetness and yet full of power and strength.


Please note this product is the digital download version of the album. Upon purchasing, we will email you files to access you copy of the album. A CD version is no longer available to purchase.


Track List

1. Love, You Were Right Here All Along

2. Let It Out

3. We Emanate Light

4. How Beautiful You Are

5. Powerhouse

6. Let's Celebrate Our Love

7. It's PossibleGirl To Woman

8. I Am So Inspired By You

9. In Full Bloom


SKU: DL001
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