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Magnificence Is All There Is. A definitive statement that is absolute.


This latest offering from Rachael Kane & Benjamin Hurt is a mega rich potency of epic proportions. A universal grandness that can only come from our inner worlds, a depth that is bigger and beyond what we can see, yet is so simple and accessible to all.


This album is the perfect mix of explosive dance floor worthy anthems and epic ballads that will have you singing at the top of your lungs and /or hitting the dance floor.


The title track brings a deep sense of stillness in the verses that then expands out into the endless blackness of the universe; a sense of space that is limitless.


Deeply present, power packed, soaring vocals from Rachael Kane and Masterful production from Benjamin Hurt. Cascading beats, symphonic strings and commanding horns are ever present on this album of quality and no filler. Every beat and word is pristinely placed in a flow that is magnificent and delivers on it’s title.


Magnificence is all there is


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