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the single by Rachael Kane

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The Girl to Woman song was inspired by the precious quality I can see in a young woman's eyes, that speaks volumes about her and the loveliness that she holds within. As the song came to me so did so many tears, as I could feel that this is a such a gorgeous, delicate time that we haven’t fully honoured and appreciated for all that it is. It is an absolute joy for me to share this song with you.

– Rachael Kane

The Girl to Woman Song, written and performed by Rachael Kane, is a song that honors and celebrates the true beauty of girls and young women as they transition into womanhood. The song also signifies a change in the way girls and young women are represented in songs, from the fullness of their beauty that sparkles from inside out. Finally we have a song that supports and celebrates the true beauty and preciousness of every girl and young woman in all her glory, as it should be. 


The Girl To Woman Song was initially inspired by the Girl to Woman Project, a project developed to support young girls and women with all aspects of their transition into womanhood. Rachael Kane’s sweet vocals invoke the feeling that there is a sweetness and preciousness within all girls and women and she invites us to celebrate this as well as the deep inner-beauty that all girls and women hold equally.

Girl To WomanRacahel Kane
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The Girl To Woman Song is available on the album, In Full Bloom. This album celebrates the beauty & exquisiteness of all girls & women.

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